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Deborah Blum

Deborah Blum's interest in Los Angeles - how it looks and feels - has developed over a lifetime of living in the city, and is reflected in her two series, Los Angeles: Sun and Shadow, and Hotel Hound.

According to Blum:  "Los Angeles is my go-to subject. I was born and raised here, lived away for many years, and when I returned I began to see the city for what it is: a paradise with hills, winding roads, foliage, intersections, freeways, and architecture that represents the last hundred years.  Being in certain places made me very happy, and I wanted to capture that sense of buoyancy and joy."

Blum has worked as a documentary film maker for many years, writing and directing shows for Discovery and the History Channel. She has written two non-fiction books and sold ideas that have been made into feature films. Her gift as a story-teller is apparent in her paintings.

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